Make the dream devour your life so that the life won’t consume your dreams. Antoine de Saint Exupery

In order to offer the most beautiful environment to your events, "L’Ecrin" in settled in an exceptional setting, in the wilderness ... and just 10km away from Toulon downtown, at the "Chateau de Tourris".

Vestige restored of a time not so distant, the field, on which, is a dedicated chapel to Saint Jean de Tourris, extends over a surface of 100 hectares and was the favorite destination for a pilgrimage for people from "La Valette" and "Le Revest".

The chapel and the Chateau de Tourris ("Les Tours") testify of the existence of a former hamlet, ruined by the dispersion of its inhabitants that preferred the new villages of La Valette and Le Revest in the beginning of the 20th century.

Today the castle is completely renovated and lands put back in culture with 2.500 olive trees and 2 hectares of vineyards, giving a little less than 10.000 bottles of red wine or "rosé", the whole on a 100 hectare domain.

"If you no longer know where you are going, stop for a while and look where you are coming from" was the Lord of Tourris motto.

This is the experience we propose to live today, stop for a while, in a haven of peace that will bring a different deepness and a touh of zen to your events.